Everyone has ideas. We just take those good ideas and make them reality. We believe that ideas are at the core of every successful project – no matter how small. So whether that idea helps us give your business a name, logo, and tagline, or lets us execute a show-stopping production with professional lights, sounds, and video, you can be sure that a great idea is where it all started.


creativeMINDS DATA, where innovation meets dedication, and together, we create the extraordinary. Because with us, your dreams are not just ideas—they’re possibilities waiting to be realized.



cartoon image of Chris Wallace
Photo of Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace
WhatEver It Takes is the motto of Chris Wallace. A self-taught photographer, video editor, animator and graphic designer, Chris Wallace sees the world through creative lens that makes Willy Wonka jealous. With more than 20 years of experience in developing, dreaming and creating creative content, Chris is our fearless leader that sets the brain bar high for creativeMINDS DATA – Don’t Always Think Alike. [email protected]
image of clyde the cat with a crown on his head
picture of Clyde the cat
If you know creativeMINDS, you know Clyde. He is part of our company strategy to remind the creatives not to take things too seriously, naps are good brain food and head rubs make your brain feel better. He makes things fun, lifts morale and listens intently at staff meetings. Clyde is creativity.
Cartoon image of Kelly McElroy-Wallace
Photo of Kelly McElroy-Wallace
Kelly McElroy-Wallace
Kelly’s brain is your typical Type A: goal-oriented, practical in solutions with a no-nonense, bottom-line approach. Kelly keeps the team moving forward by managing projects, selling creative services and keeping things fun in a fast-paced office full of creative brains whose noggins don’t always move as fast as hers. [email protected]
cartoon image of chris theis
photo of Chris Theis
Chris Theis
As lead VFX and Senior Animator, Theis’s brain brings into existence creative solutions that are highly technical in nature, very detailed, artistic and advanced. An Oklahoma Native, Theis lives in Tampa Bay, Florida full time as he thinks sea air makes he and his families brains better. He loves technology and is our IT guy extrordinaire. [email protected]
image of Claudia Oniwa
Claudia Oniwa
Professional pivoter, project juggler and tequila connoisseur Claudia’s brain is a multi-taking machine! Constantly in motion, Claudia twists and turns as clients make changes, add details and flip projects 180. She does everything with a smile and calmness that is the envy of those who know her. Need a promotional product with your logo for clients or an upcoming event? She does that too as the sales lead for creativeMINDS PROMO. [email protected]
Cartoon image of Mary Sellers
Photo of Mary Sellers
Mary Sellers
Mary supports the team in a supportive role doing the administrative work to keep everyone organized and moving forward. The ultimate task-master, Mary’s brain runs on white chocolate chai latte’s drizzled with carmel with just enough spice to keep the team and our clients in stitches. [email protected]
Cartoon image of Tom Fellner
photo of Tom Fellner
Tom Fellner
There is more to building the backend and front end of a website: the prework to define what’s REALLY needed to exceed your objective. Tom is a great coach and leader to help clients define their customer, products and organization in order to develop a website that encompasses all your business is. Tom’s brain is full of building blocks that start with a solid foundation and end with a shining star on the top. [email protected]
Cartoon image of Autumn Stanley
photo of Autumn Stanley
Autumn Stanley
Intuitive design and copywriting voodoo doer, Autumn has been in the marketing design industry for more than three decades. Having worked with Corporate America, franchisors, and companies large to small, she loves taking ideas and desired outcomes, swirling them together with graphics and text to hand back an end product that leaves client’s saying, “That’s exactly what I wanted!” [email protected]
cartoon image of Jonny Hinkle
Jonny Hinkle
Jonny has been a cartoonist and illustrator for more than ten years and has been a Graphic Designer for the past seven. His love for hand-drawn illustrations and comic books are infused into every project using his unique artistic flair. His eye-catching designs for print and digital blend technology with artistry to visually communicate ideas. From sleek logos to immersive user experiences, Jonny makes designs that are vibrant and engaging. [email protected]
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